Register your Bike for the Show

The Rules


This is an informal Bike Show and these rules are based more on common sense than convention. The intention is to make the classification of the bikes in the various categories, and the judging of the Show, as straightforward and fair as possible.


    Cost for entry is £5.00 only. A bike may be entered into multiple categories on each day at a cost of £5.00 for each category.

    Bikes may be trailered to the event but must be fully functional. The owner may be asked to start and ride it. Once the competition is finished all unloaded, vehicles must be removed from the site, there are no facilities to park trailers or towing vehicles or vans on site.

    All bikes to be entered in the Show can be registered, by completing a Bike Show entry form (which will be retained by the judges).

    Entry forms will be available from the LMW control tent during opening times or by downloading the Show Application Form and returning by email to the Bike Show Co-ordinator at the event, or by handing it directly to the Bike Show Co-ordinator at the event.

    The show takes place between the hours of 10am on Saturday the 1st of July until midday on Sunday the 2nd of July.

    Once registered, bikes MUST be parked in the show area.


     There are 4 categories in the show:


    Competitions for each category will be run on both days with winners in each category being announced on the day.

    On Sunday a “Best of Show” covering both days will be announced.

    A Motorcycle may enter on each day subject to payment of the aforementioned £5.00 entry fee.

    Judging will take place at 3pm on Saturday and midday on Sunday. The winning bike in each class will have an Award Notice attached to it by the Judges.

    Each class winner in the Bike Show will be awarded a certificate and a small cash prize the cost of which will be derived from a percentage of the total entry fee for that class. The bike judged Best in Show, selected from the Class Winners, will be awarded an additional certificate and a further cash prize.

    Prizes will be awarded and the winner informed by email if not present at the end of the competition according to the opinion of the Judges, whose decision will be final.


Any questions regarding the conditions of entry and competition processes should be directed to the New Llandovery Motorbike Weekend organisers on